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Carrot Tops Rabbit Rescue

(No longer re-homing rabbits)

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Rabbit Welfare Association (UK)

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Closure of the rescue

It is with deep regret that I have to announce that I can no longer run and support a rabbit rescue. This is due both to ill-health and the commitments of my mobile veterinary surgery.


If you are wanting to re-home a rabbit you could try contacting other rabbit rescues in the Gloucestershire area, such as Windwhistle Warren.

Below is some information that may be of interest to new keepers of rabbits.

JoJo Rabbit

How to attempt to bond unrelated rabbits

We have written a downloadable guide as to how to go about bonding a pair of rabbits. Unfortunately, this is NOT straightforward - rabbits are territorial and are unlikely to get on if simply put together without preparation - they may well fight. Our guide suggests approaches to introducing two rabbits to each other. The process should NOT be rushed. It should be noted that in some cases rabbits may simply refuse to get on.

Does your rabbit need to be seen urgently by a vet?

The Rabbit Welfare Association has posted a 15-point list of symptoms and circumstances when you should take your rabbit to the vet for emergency treatment.

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Carrot Tops is now on Facebook - you can visit the site here.


VHD is an unpleasant airborne disease and is usually fatal in rabbits, which die quickly from it after a short illness. The disease can also be transmitted unknowingly by humans on their clothing, if they come in contact with an infected rabbit. A vaccine is available from your vet against VHD - please have your rabbit(s) vaccinated annually against VHD and myxomatosis. (In some cases your vet may recommend more frequent vaccinations against myxomatosis.)


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